Information for Families

This page is for enrolled families and includes information about the day to day life at PIVS as well as forms required for your child’s enrolment and the school policies. Please let us know at if you require information about something not listed here.

General Information

Our PIVS Parent Handbook is a comprehensive guide to day-to-day life at PIVS and is a good place to look for general information about daily routines and other commonly asked questions about our school.


The PIVS Family Camp (FAMP) information pack contains all of the details you’ll need to know about FAMP, including what to pack, and what happens each day.

The PIVS school calendar contains most of the important dates for the year, including cycle breaks, Foundation student rest days, and student-free days for Mentor planning, report writing and professional development. The community is notified about special events such as Community Dinners via email and our closed Facebook group. You can read more about how the PIVS school year is structured on our Enrolment page.

Enrolment and permission forms

Some of the forms you will need once your Enrolment Expression of Interest form has been accepted are:


Mentors and school staff are around before and after school to keep in touch with families. Please arrange appointments with teaching staff for the afternoon times between 3.15pm-5pm if you wish to have a longer (i.e. greater than 5 minute) discussion about your child, as Mentors often have other meetings scheduled and/or other parents wanting to chat with them. The mornings are a busy time for Mentors and there is generally not sufficient time to have a discussion about child-related matters before Mentors are required to attend the morning meeting.

For additional detail, please see the PIVS Parent Handbook.


At times children will need to be away from school to recover from illness, have additional rest and recuperation or attend appointments and family activities. Please be aware that by law all students aged 6-17 years are expected to attend the school in which they are enrolled, during normal school hours every day of each term, unless there is an approved exemption from school attendance.

We ask that you phone the school (59 568 568) as soon as you become aware that your child will not be attending school; if this is on the weekend or in the evenings please send an email ( This can assist classroom and kitchen planning as well as allow accurate attendance information to be recorded.

Social media

We have a public Facebook page on which we post photos and news that will be of interest to the broader community. We also have a private Facebook group for currently enrolled families, staff and board members in the PIVS community to share school-related information, photos and discussion. The posts in the group page are only visible to members of this closed group. Anyone can ‘Like’ our public page to follow it, however we need to add you to the PIVS community group page if you wish to follow that group. Please let us know at if you would like to be added.