Frequently Asked Questions

When did the school open?

We opened our doors at the start of February 2016.


Where is the school located?

The school is located at 483 Berry's Beach Road in Ventnor, just one kilometre from the beach. 


What are the fees?

In 2019 the fees are $3648 per child per year (which includes lunch, snacks throughout the day, most excursions, camps and learning materials).


How big does the school intend to be?

Sixty-five is the maximum number of students that Phillip Island Village School will enrol.


How is the school funded?

We receive government funding, like other independent schools, in addition to tuition fees from parents.


Is there a uniform?

No, the children choose what they wear to school each day.


Are there morning and afternoon school buses?

Yes. PIVS offers a paid driver school mini bus service that is available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning and afternoon for a small fee. More information is available from the school by emailing


How do I know if Phillip Island Village School will be a good match for my child?

The style of teaching and learning at Phillip Island Village School suits children who have a spark for learning, well developed (age appropriate) executive skills, and a growth mindset. This school is a good match for most, but not all children. There is further reading on our Teaching & Learning page.

You can also arrange to visit our school to see the model in action – it does look quite different to other schools. The visit will give you a good idea of whether your child(ren) will thrive in the Phillip Island Village School environment.  Families with pre-school aged children are encouraged to attend our weekly Playgroup during school cycles. Please see the 2019 PIVS School Calendar for Cycle dates.

Will my child be prepared for high school?

Our primary school teaching and learning programs are designed to develop our students’ capabilities in academic areas and in personal awareness and executive skills. The combination of these skills provides the basis for a successful transition to high school. Graduating students from Phillip Island Village School and Koonwarra Village School have high expectations about the educational experience they will receive in secondary school, and we feel strongly about the importance of providing an ongoing pathway for our primary school students in which these expectations can be met. Village High School (VHS) will be opening in 2020 (subject to VRQA registration) and will provide a progressive, innovative pathway for engaged and motivated high school students in the Gippsland region. VHS will be based on the same philosophical principles as Phillip Island Village School and Koonwarra Village School.

How is PIVS governed?

Phillip Island Village School is a not-for-profit company and adheres to the regulations defined by the Australian Charities and Not for Profit Commission and the guidelines and standards defined for schools by the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority.

The PIVS Board has maximum of six board members who may serve up to two three-year terms. The main function of the board is to provide guidance for the successful operation of the school via the School Strategic Plan, budgets and policies.

How can I find out more information?

Contact the Principal – Fiona McKenzie, for further information and details.